Chapter 7 Discussion

Feel free to use this space to discuss your work in chapter 7.
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Finally, some links for you to explore. These are about

Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

My own group activity about Light

Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Basic Information about Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
Periodic Table with Links to Atomic Spectra (these are for viewing pleasure only: no scale of wavelengths)
Atomic Spectra in a Fantastic Web Application
Hydrogen Energy Levels Simulator with Explanatory Materials
Atomic Spectra from the University of Hannover (in English)
PhET Simulations for Chemistry (find useful sims here for the Hydrogen Atom and Atomic Emission Discharge Lamps)

Quantum Mechanics

Here is a cool video that explains what diffraction is and tries to make the fact that electrons are waves and particles clear to the viewer.
Univ of Sheffield Orbitron follow this link to see pictures of orbitals. It also includes molecular orbitals. Be sure to click on the links at the top to Wave function, Electron density, Dots!, and Radial distribution.
Orbital Viewer A site showing pictures of orbitals and offering a program for generating your own pictures.
Orbitals, a Shockwave Tutorial
Quantum Number and Electron Configuration of the Elements
Atomic Orbitals Article from Wikipedia

A Good Website Explaining Atomic Properties

Periodic Trends

Alkali Metals Bangs page from Theodore Gray
A whole page of videos about the periodicity of chemical properties These were shown in class.

From the Wikipedia page on Spectroscopic Notation:


One mnemonic phrase for remembering the sequence S. P. D. F. G. H. ... is "Sober Physicists Don't Find Giraffes Hiding In Kitchens Like Mine". One is expected to remember that after the M, the letters in the sequence are alphabetical.
There are a few other mnemonic phrases for remembering the sequence, for example:
  • Smart People Don't Fail
  • Silly People Drive Fast
Another mnemonic is: if you don't memorize the proper order, you will get a SPeeDy F!