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Reminder: Do not wait until August to begin your summer work! In order to learn the material well you need to spend some time with it: it can't be done well if it's done at the last minute.

AP Chemistry students enrolled for the fall of 2010 at Scarborough High School may use this page to discuss their work. Also included are links to the activities given out at the meeting on June 11th. Students may expect me to check this page at most weekly to field questions or address concerns. Students are responsible for completing their work before the start of school in the Fall and may expect to be tested on this material during the first week of classes.

As on any wiki you may edit any of these pages. Please do not erase something I wrote without my permission and do not undo the edits of others unnecessarily or maliciously. Feel free to add links and appropriate and helpful images to the pages of this wiki. In discussion areas remember to be civil and to use language appropriate for school. Never write anything online that you wouldn't feel comfortable saying in front of the whole class, including your teacher.

I encourage you to form study groups over the summer to complete your work. It often helps you to understand things better if you have to try to explain it to a peer.

Here are the links to the summer work in the order I recommend completing them:

AP Chemistry Syllabus
Lab Report Writing Information
Lab Notebook Information

Group Activity: Scientific Notation (html)
Additional Examples for Scientific Notation (html)
Homework: Scientific Notation
Group Activity: Dimensional Analysis (html)
Homework 1: Dimensional Analysis
Homework 2: Dimensional Analysis
Homework: Metrics
Homework: Square and Cubic Units
Group Activity: Density (html)

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
Lost your periodic table? Get one from:
Periodic Table colored by groups (color your periodic table to match)
Atomic Structure Homework

Group Activity: Average Atomic Mass

Group Activity: Atomic Structure II
Homework: Atomic Structre II

Activity: Chemical Formulas and Compounds
homework #1
homewor #2

The Mole
Homework Assignment: The Mole and Molar Mass

Balancing Chemical Equations
Homework for Balancing Chemical Equations

My website:
AP Central's AP Chemistry homepage

Here is the discussion area for the Summer Work:
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