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I used this site the first year I taught the course. The current discussion page is found at http://shsapchemistry.ning.com/ Please go to that site to see current information. You must be invited to use the site.

Use this space to meet with your study group and have discussions with the whole class. Write about problems you are having trouble solving and answer the questions of other students. If everyone is stuck I will step in to help...but generally I think you will be able to figure things out for yourselves. I may also use this space to post supplementary information that will extend and enhance the course.

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Web Links

The following is a great site for exploring quantum mechanics, gas laws, kinetics, equilibrium, chemical analysis, calorimetry and more:
Davidson College Chemistry Department Virtual Chemistry Experiments and Exercises

Great Set of Demonstration Videos Showing the Properties of Many Groups of Elements
also, see related material on this site: it's a great one for reviewing basic concepts in Chemistry

This site has many courses to choose from but this is a set of basic chemistry lectures. It includes very high quality videos demonstrating chemical concepts.

MIT Open Courseware
This site is the entire offering of MIT's Chemistry department. It includes video lectures, transcripts, labs and other goodies. Go here if you miss a topic in this course, find an introductory chemistry course and use the list of topics to find the one related to our studies.

The following web site requires a log-in and consent to participate in research. As I believe the risks are low I recommend signing up for this site. You can do so anonymously in any event. The site offers training with direct feedback in the area of descriptive chemistry. That is, it teaches you how to predict the results of reactions and how to select the correct reactants to achieve a particular result. This will be very helpful for you on the AP Chemistry exam.

The following page has a number of useful applets, definitely worth visiting:

The following site has a great number of simulations that could be used to generate data just like in the lab:

Some Chemistry applets, some of which might be useful for us: